Corona makes me isolate myself. Not so much company these days. Contacts reduced to a small group of faces.

This is a series of self-portraits. The setting of each session is nearly identical. Slight variations of clothing and lightning occur.

How will a single motiv turn into something new by simple repetition? How many variations are needed until a new motiv will appear?

Interesting questions which can be answered only by performing the experiment. In order not just doing a narcissistic identification I try to find a title for every work that is about a specific profession or a specific attitude that could be applied to anybody.

I did start with a goal of 49 works, but could not stop. In the end there were 100 pieces. Sometimes my counterpart did appear as an friend somtimes a foe. But nothing really extraordinary happened, no special insight or a mystery. So I could have been going on further and further but put an end to it when a reached 100 works. I decided to name the entire series “Mensch” in the end do underline the most important fact of a human being, existence.

From 84 of this works I did create a video using deep fake technology to animate every single image with the same underlying “driving” video.

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