My Blakean Year.

From the 23rd Dec. of 2013 until the 22nd Dec. of 2014 I performed the project “My Blakean Year”.
Patti Smith inspired me with her song “My Blakean year”.
This is some kind of daily time tracker of moods and Zeitgeist.
For one year I did explore the possibilities of calligraphic painting
using black ink on paper and a brush day by day.

Every day there are changes of reflections and state of mind.  A Year in a life.

What is calligraphic painting?
Watch it in action:


The playlist: Music that inspired me.

Nearly all works are sized 59.5 x 83.5 cm. I am using black china ink on white paper , sometimes white ink, applied with brushes.
All works are availabe for sale or as museum quality print on canvas or paper in different sizes at Saatchi’s.

Works prior to 11th of Jan. you can see here too.

My gallery:

I’m happy to be represented by Arts Ysebaert Louisseize, Canada.

Ysebaert Louisseize Arts

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