How do You feel about religion?

This is the so-called “Gretchen question”. Gretchen asks Faust about his deepest religious conviction. She does not know that Faust made a pact with Mephistoteles.

2 thoughts on “How do You feel about religion?

  1. Here in North America and in our case Canada Quebec a discussion about religion, environment, immigration, autochthones or politics becomes taboo. You cannot talk about that with the people born here and living here since a few generations. From third generation on it becomes preferable avoidable or as they said in Victorian era they are the unmentionables.

    You can have wild discussions about color of a car, which hockey team is best and where you can find the best cheapest hamburger …

    One day we are unavoidably going to wake up in a horrible hypocrite dictatorship or die like rats because of food shortages, heat waves or swiped away by water and wind or grilled by fire or sickened by mysterious diseases.

    Heil stupidity!!! Es brennt es brennt!

    While writing this you last drawing says it all!!!



    1. This is very true. As an artist the way I understand being an artist I only try to follow my inner visions without any intention. This state of the world is so obvious. It is omnipresent no way for escapism.


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