Methods of creativity.

During “My Blakean year” I discovered some useful techniques for creating visual art. These have developed over time under special circumstances. I’m quite busy all day and do art work only at night. So I need to focus on a small time frame. Let me try to describe, may be it’s inspiring for someone out there. I choose one of these techniques, which fits best when starting.

1. The vivid picture
During daytime I watch out for a special kind of picture in my mind. It is very vivid, appearing suddenly without any relation to actual reality. It’s main quality is it’s clarity, this inner picture appears suddenly like a lightning strike, only for a short moment. When starting to work at night I revoke this memory and go.

2. The body and the eyes
Watching my body, while listening to some music. I do not focus on the paper sheet, but on my body, mainly arms and hands, of course. I often notice an intention to do a brushstroke this way or that way to improve the image. This leads to an unsatisfactory result, so I try to simply focus on the body doing the work. When looking at the paper sheet, I try to avoid a clear view, sometimes adjusting the eyes to a wider view like looking at a landscape, not a nearby object.

3. The matter has it’s own rules
Sometimes I just follow an impulse to use the painting medium in a new kind. I watch the forms developing by themselves. This lead to some inner images emerging in the mind, but on the paper as it’s screen. It is like watching a film. Then I try to fix this inner picture on the paper. This requires to concentrate on viewing only, when I get into “control” mode of my mind, the result will be unsatisfactory