– 29 days. Open source.


Just listened to a first exciting rough mix of the forthcoming Open Source Trio album-and did a review:

Got the opportunity to listen to some fresh rough mixes for the forthcoming album of OST. My first impression: These guys have been developing much further since “Mirage”. I think the long tour this year has brought the sound to its core and washed away any uncertainty. The sound and timing is shocking precise and clear. In his best moments Atanasoff acts like JSB, playing two melody lines simultaneously and absolutely independent. While listening to “Mirage” I sometimes missed the sax, this is not the case here anymore. The trio is functioning now in all aspects. The freshness reminds of Weather Report’s Birdland, it’s Jazz: OK, but little or less Blues or latin influence but rather a classical and modal approach. It’s like driving through Queens in the early sixties listeing to the newest Mc Coy Tyner record while the streets have emptied in the rain. Schewe now has discovered the art of halting the timeflow while playing a lot notes and then releasing it to the right point in time to let the music flow again of course together with the other guys. Janga brings it all down to earth. The crystal clear harmonic and rhythmic precision of the music evokes a certain sense of wideness and coolness. Janga adds the necessary portion of humanity with his warm, heavily laidback bass style. In fact: A well done musical dish for special occasions.