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A beautiful smile.



The art of dyeing.

Um Gottes WILLEN.

This is not trash but reality.


A few month later strange system faults in the electric grid were accumulating. Technicinas and scientists were helpless. The laws of nature sometimes seemed to have changed. In some cases high voltage pylons needed to be repaired. Small clouds that did not change their positions for several months. This did


The BEATA-19 mutants are capable of reading certain books or texts upside down without any impairment of reading speed, on the contrary the reading speed is far higher than usual. The geneticists responsible for creating the DNA did implement some kind of dictionary suitable for coding a letter alphabet using



Finally time to harvest. Secret laboratories all over the world mostly situated in the United States did create a special kind of mutants. You can recognize them by their behaviour. Typically they deny Corona. This new mutated clons are the new normal. The internal productname of this series is BEATA-19.

DA ist keiner mehr.

Wo soll die Reise hingehen?

Reality VS REALiTY.

Swordfish TROMBONE.

White House Down.

Push the Button.

Gottgleiches Wesen.

Der böse Geist von Norden Stahlhart und glänzend Vergöttert ist das Morden.

Die Präsentation des Thronfolgers.

It is a boy as fresh as meerschaum. A gift from Venus to rule the damned.

Lucky man.


Die Freude an der Zerstörung.

Geschichte wird gemacht.



Klein Wesen.

Bei der Mühle.

Work in progress ..

The soft parade …

Work in progress …

Watching me.

Begegnung im Park.

Work in progress . . .

And finally the monument, the priming is finished now.  

Work in progress.

Seeding the clouds today.  

Work in Progress

Now, various characters are appearing on the scene. I try to grap them and fix them at this place one by one.  

Work in progress

Working on a larger piece now. After sketching a raw outline with chalk now I’m working on a primer with gouache. This will take a while.

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