This is the place where religion is forged by aliens from the outer rim. They create martyrs, evangelists and saints from pure Lithium in nutshells. It takes forty days until the man of god can be harvested. The are brought to earth in order to convince people to believe in God.

So why?

The aliens are capable of gathering faith in glass bottles. Every believer produces very small amounts of faith, only a few µg per day. It’s quite cumbersome to get enough for only one bottle full of faith. The man of God collects the faith by laying-on of hands. Faith then is dissolved in holy water in order to bring the precious substance to the space base. Thousand of bottles of holy water make one bottle of faith after destillation.

A population of aliens from another realm settle for a long time already on the northern edge of the outer rim. They lack the ability to live forever like other aliens do and spare no expense to gain eternal life. A sip of the faith water satisfies this urgent wish. They pay millions of interstellar dollars for a single bottle!

By the way, this information is still found in many holy books like the Bible: Eternal life is the reward for being a believer. This is true, but not for the believers themselves.