Month: December 2019

Die falsche Methode.

Der Messias bringt uns Quantum7.

Noch ein Bier?

A land that cannot be conquered.

  We can argue about many things. Democracy or justice may be an important theme. The source of it all is dreamland. A land that cannot be conquered.  



The family meets on Christmas.A group shot  will be made .

The doors of perception.


Gott würfelt.

God throws the dice, completely ignorant to expectations. Godbluff!

Das Siegel.

Working class heroes.


Es ist eine Ehre für das Vaterland zu sterben.

45 twisted customers.

Der Narr.

Going through the archives: About 1980. The first of a serie of the great arcana  “The fool”

The lighthouse keeper.

2 Alchemisten und die Orakel.


Do you know the feeling to be an actor on stage performing a drama but missing the crucial turning point?

Work in progress .. “Woyzeck.”

Reworking an older painting. It*s a scene showing the main characters of the drama “Woyzeck” from Georg Büchner. Main theme is the dependence of Woyzeck on authorities, leading to loosing his lover, jealousy and murder. We see Woyzeck himself here, eating peas while taking part in an experiment of a


Work finished: “Kriegskinder.”

Just finished. Oil and gouache on canvas 120 x 160 cm. It*s always a surprise when getting the feeling everything is ready. I did not expect  the end so soon.  It happens almost always this way. ,    

Work in progress …

One of the siblings, the sister. She is looking at you while her younger brother is fascinated  by the little soldier. the moment  the siblings are discovered by someone?  

Work in progress …

Now working on the left siblings hair, hands and head. And one hand of the other one touching the neck. The underlying layer of gouache still visible on the right side of the face.

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