Month: December 2014





Sunset is fascism.

I hate images of young cats, dogs and sunsets. This is propaganda for the visual mind. The Nazis called it “Gleichschaltung”.  

The Finale of “My Blakean Year”.

This is the last work of my series “My Blakean year” named “Night flowers”. This year of work 365+ pieces of work has requested space in my mind and in my flat. 6 big bottles of black ink and 3 bootles of white gouache found their way onto sheets of

The eve. Cantor Regis.

– 2 days. Ray of light.

-still 3 days. Lion and lamb.

– 3 days. The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his. [George S. Patton Jr. – General of the US Army]

– 4 days. Shishi Odoshi.

– 5 days. Concerto in snail minor

-6 days. Danger

-7 days. Germany, 1942.

– 8 days. Death of a salesman.

-9 days. Behind the yellow curtain

-10 days. It won’t be long.

– 11 days. Fragile.

-12 days. Three brothers.

-13 days. Throwback.

-14 days. Discard.

-15 days. Control.

-16 days. Die Banalität des Bösen.

-17 days. Entering the yellow teahouse.

-18 days. Duck shooting.

-19 days. The things we see.

-20 days. When the music is over.

-21 days. Icecream?

-22 days. China girl.

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