Month: November 2014

– 23 days. Hold the line.

-24 days. Fluorescein.

-25 days. Strange fruits in Jackson.

-26 days. Master of the universe.

See You in Murmansk.

-27 days. Fish and Glory.

– 28 days. Die Gedanken sind frei.

– 29 days. Open source.

Just listened to a first exciting rough mix of the forthcoming Open Source Trio album-and did a review: Got the opportunity to listen to some fresh rough mixes for the forthcoming album of OST. My first impression: These guys have been developing much further since “Mirage”. I think the long

My Blakean Year -30 days

Feeling weary today and insecure. I have been working on this series for 11 months now, except few days of being ill. Been watching the changes in moods and techniques for almost a year now. Felt lost and excited in social media. Don’t know what will be happening after the

Rainy days.

From the ashes.

Last confirmation.





Lost in thought.

No more paper today and discovered the beauty of corrugated cardboard.



Rocking in a free world.

Fighting the beast.

  It is about fighting daemons, not ¬†some dogs.

A look inside my studio. One of the walls.

Some of the bigger oil works hanging around here.

Proud to be proud.


Tired of sailing.

2 strikes back.


Starship trooper.

Lost in space.

Do not touch antimatter.

But anyone tries to do so.

Winter is coming.



Golden calf.


Death on the blanket.

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